Manage Your Time In Your Own Way

Hello, world!

When we had an idea to reform the time management system (TMS), we asked two questions:

Why don't we have a tool to suit our time management needs?

Why do we have to follow the built-in methodology in those TMS?

We posted these questions to some friends, and collected further questions thereafter:

  1. What if we want to try different methodology to manage my time while the current tool does not support the new methodology? Do we just find a new tool and deprecate the data in the current tool?
  2. What if we want to separate our life from work? Do we need multiple tools to manage these different workflows?
  3. What if our current TMS is in macOS/iOS ecosystem and we are required to use Windows/Linux? Is there any cross-platform tool to support this need?
These questions post a fundamental challenge to current mainstream TMS tools: why do users suit their needs to the tool, not vice versa?

As a small team, we aim to tackle this problem by bringing a new solution - we will provide a solution to suit your time management time needs.

With our solution, you can manage your time in your own way.

Stay tuned, and please join our Telegram group.